Ongoing projects

 2019-2021 - ARISE (Agriculture Resilient, Inclusive, and Sustainable Enterprise)

Project funded by UE Climate-KIC
Coordination : Imperial College (UK) 
Key contributions : WP1 "Sustainable and resilient crop production solutions design"

 2019-2022 - ACCWA (Accounting for Climate Change in Water and Agriculture management)

Project funded by UE H2020 - MSCA RISE
Coordination : IsardSAT (Spain)
Key contributions : Leader of WP6 « Crop Yield »
ACCWA Website

 2019-2021 - RAMSES 2 (Roles of Agroforestry in sustainable intensification of small farMs and food SEcurity for SocIetIes in West Africa )

Project funded by UE Eranet LeapAgri
Coordination : IRD (France)
Key contributions : WP2 « Socio-ecosystemic services »

 2019-2021 - VISAGE (Towards remote sensing identification of large-scale land acquisitions )

Project funded by the French Space Agency (CNES-TOSCA)
Coordination : CIRAD (France)

 2018-2021 - CRP GLDC (CRP-GLDC)

Project funded by CGIAR
Coordination : ICRISAT
GLDC Website

 2018-2020 - LYSA (from Landscape diversity to crop Yield monitoring in complex Smallholder Agricultural systems: a remote sensing approach based on multi-source dense time series of high spatial resolution imagery)

Project funded by the French Space Agency (CNES-TOSCA)
Coordination : CIRAD (France)
Key contributions : Project leader
LYSA Website

Completed projects

 2017 – 2019 – SERENA (From landscape biodiversity to rural households food security)

Project funded by the Metaprogramme GloFoodS (INRA - CIRAD)
Coordination : CIRAD (France) 
Key contributions : Project leader
SERENA Website

 2017 – 2019 – SIMCo (Sustainable Intensification of Millet based agrosystems using Cowpea in the Groundnut Basin (Senegal))

Project funded by the Geospatial and Farming Systems Consortium (GFC) of the Feed the Future Sustainable Intensification Innovation Lab
Coordination : ISRA (Senegal)
Key contributions : WP 3 Leader “Spatialized estimations of yields at the regional level”

2016-2018 - VERSAO (Towards a spatilized estimate of yields with remote sensing for food security in West Africa)

Project funded by the French Space Agency (CNES-TOSCA)
Coordination :  CIRAD (France)

2013-2017 - SIGMA (Simulating Innovation for Global Monitoring of Agriculture)

Project funded through the European Comission ’s Research Framework program (FP7)
Coordination: VITO (Belgium) 
Key contributions: WP4 "Agricultural Productivity"
SIGMA Website

2011-2015 - ESCAPE (Environmental and Social Changes in Africa: Past, present and futurE)

Project funded by the French National Research Agency (France)
Coordination : IRD
Key contributions: WP1 "Diagnosis and characterization of environmental changes"
ESCAPE Website

 2012-2014 - DYNAFRIQUE (Understanding crop vegetation production dynamics in West Africa using time series analysis of moderate spatial resolution images) 

Project funded by the French Space Agency (CNES-TOSCA)
Coordination:  CIRAD (France)

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